About us

Wohoo..the about us section! 

It’s time we connect with our fans and tell them who we are! 

So let’s get started... 

At Sportle, we understand the fitness journey and the challenges it throws at us everyday! 

Trust us it’s not easy! As we have lived it! 

We come from a place where you all stand, but we believe if we make the first move our half the battle are won!

No unrealistic targets,  no over commitment 

Just plain and simple, to get up and move yourself everyday! That one run..that one yoga sesh..that one training sesh is all you need! 

Fitness is no more a trend it’s a lifestyle 

A lifestyle for a better tomorrow and a better future. 

Sportle is a premier athleisure  brand which has been carefully designed to suit all needs! 

Perfect Fit - Soft - comfortable - super absorbent - breathable 

Is what our designs strive to deliver to each of our customers. As we believe each garment has a story to tell, so do our customers. Hence, at Sportle we provide you the platform to share your journey with us.

It’s time you make your move and let’s start this journey together! 

We would feature every inspiring journey and we would live it together!