Written by Rock Technolabs


Posted on October 11 2021


Yoga is the best way to maintain your fitness. The only way to get body and mind satisfied together. Yes, yoga is not only going to make your body healthy but increase your focus and concentration. This is the reason why aspirants perform yoga, who would deny two benefits from a single effort. Hello readers, today we are going to discuss Yoga: Expectation vs Reality. During the pandemic, people realised the importance of yoga and began to perform at home during the lockdown facing challenges and injuries. So today, let us know how to avoid injuries while practising yoga at home.


If you are looking to start your journey in fitness through yoga, there are few simple but important points to keep in mind. The very first thing to keep in mind, not to keep anything in mind. Stay calm and focused. It is important to pay attention to the posture and minute details of the yoga pose you are performing.

If you like hearing songs, avoid rock songs and better go for pleasant music. Yoga increases your focus. To achieve it do not get distracted by songs. Try it next time and notice the changes to your mind and body.


It is important to start every session with a warm-up. Maximum people face injury because they ignore this step. Warm-ups heats your cold, stiff muscles and increases the blood flow throughout the body. This prepares your body and mind which avoids injuries. Joint mobility and stretching are equally important in yoga.


Connect body with mind

Yoga can win all competitions if we talk about connecting mind and body. Breathing patterns are important in yoga. Scientific studies have shown that there are numerous neurological connections between the mind and the breathing pattern in humans. So if you face an irregular breathing pattern while performing any asana, instead of forcing your body, relax for a while and then start again.


Now let us look at a few funny aspects of performing yoga and how we can overcome it.


You just need practice. With time you will find that you can comfortably touch your feet without bending your knees.


Practice makes a man perfect, the more you stretch the more flexible your body is, the more accurate your pose will be.


The funniest one. Well, we can just say do not sleep. Keep breathing and stay focused.