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Posted on October 11 2021


Hello readers. Are you fond of tennis? Then you must have noticed the players wearing a Polo t-shirt. But have you ever thought of why? We are here to put a light on the same. Why do tennis players wear Polo t-shirts? This trend began in 1930 when the Polo t-shirt became the favorite of the tennis players. The change was brought by Lacoste’s tennis shirt which was used extensively by polo players. So what was the reason for the change?

The tennis t-shirt is popularly known as Polo or Golf t-shirt. It has a thick collar with some buttons, majorly three, down a slit just below the collar. Pocket is optional, might or may not be present. The fabric used is mainly cotton or synthetic fiber, however, some players choose to opt for silk or merino wool.


Sportle has already informed you how sportswear can enhance your performance, if you have missed it, check it today itself. The same perspective is here. A polo t-shirt secures the collar ends to the body of the t-shirt with the help of buttons provided on the slit. The thick collar does not flap with wind and helps to protect the neck from the sun, thus great to wear in the court. Along with these features, it is also comfortable to wear and perform. Check out this DRY POLO NECK T-SHIRT – GRAPHITE & WAFFLE BLUE a pack of two, wrinkle-free, anti-odor, and anti-bacterial. Hurry up! The offer is running out.

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In the 19th century, the tennis player had to wear formal clothes along with ties. It imposed a great restriction on their movement and offered challenges more than their opponents. During the revolution of the tennis t-shirt commonly known as polo t-shirts, it was made light and breathable. It was provided with cuts to ease the movement of players. They were made up of materials that absorb sweat quickly. Due to its light nature, it dries up easily and does not feel heavy while playing.


The polo or golf t-shirts are cut so that the back hangs more than the front side. This is done so that the players can easily tug the t-shirt in their shorts and when they bend it do not slip out. This is known as “tennis tail”. 


Yes, it is. Polo t-shirts make you look cool and attractive, the most probable reason why it has been adopted by other industries apart from sports. The wide range of colors and designs have made it more popular among people. It does not matter whether you have a V-shaped body or not, it is going to enhance your look and appearance, making you attractive. Sportle has a new collection of men & women-wear. Not only t-shirts but you can find polo jerseys and combos. Check it out today.


Lacoste brought a revolutionary change in tennis t-shirts. The design of the collar and material gained the attraction of the players. The design became so popular that the polo t-shirt was commonly used for a t-shirt. The tennis tail, light and comfortable nature fascinated the players, and soon it was adopted by other fashion industries. It makes you look cool and attractive. Thus, the TENNIS LI10 DRY POLO NECK T-SHIRT is worth trying. That was all here, we will be back with another interesting topic that will help reach your fitness goals. Till then keep working and keep training.

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