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Posted on October 11 2021

A yoga mat is for fitness freaks. That is just to show off. Are you one among these to think so? Hello readers, we are again back with another topic that will make your fitness goals easy. A yoga or exercise mat. We all know Yoga is very important for us, it keeps us healthy and fit; and so important is a yoga mat. People use carpets, conventional mats, or any bedsheet to perform yoga. But a yoga mat is not just to let your body touch the earth, it has several benefits. Let’s discuss this here and after that, you will surely love to have one.


If you have ever watched any yoga session they always perform it on a yoga mat. A yoga mat is cushiony to avoid injuries, especially to your joints. There are several poses where you balance your weight on your wrist, head, ankle or knee. These joints are delicate and if they tend to lose their lubrication, yoga is going to harm you instead of helping you. To avoid any mess use ACTIV8 BODY ALIGNED YOGA MAT of Sportle which provides a cushion when you perform yoga. Not only yoga but the most famous exercise “Burpee” cannot be performed without an exercise mat and the reason is that the yoga mat does not allow the knee to face the jerk.

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Just imagine a situation where you are balancing to do “Bakasana” and your hand slips. Oh My God! That will be a great injury. While performing yoga you might have sweaty hands which will easily slip on the floor or any conventional mat. A yoga mat provides grip and does not allow you to slip, thus ensuring that you will not be hurt. Yoga mats are designed in a way that has more friction and capacity to hold your body weight than any conventional mat which can easily slip on the floor.

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It is important that your body has the correct posture and pose while stretching or holding. The technology of yoga mats will provide comfort and avoid soreness of knee, back pain, and wrist pain. Yoga mat alignment corrects your posture. They allow you to stretch your body to a certain limit so that you do not overstretch. This is a boon in this critical situation of Covid-19 where your instructor is absent but doing yoga is necessary.

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A warm-up is crucial before you begin your workout so that the blood is warmed up and ensures proper nutrients flow. This does not allow the accumulation of lactic acid and dodges cramps. A yoga mat cuts the transfer of body heat to the earth and thus does not allow it to cool. Not just for winters, you mustn’t allow heat conduction in summers, or it will cause stiffness of muscles. Try ACTIV8 BODY ALIGNED YOGA MAT and experience excess comfort and support.

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If you do not possess your yoga mat you need to perform it on the floor, the area where several feet have crossed and micro bacteria are spread. Placing your hands and body there and inviting more problems, we don’t think is a good option. An exercise mat will maintain your hygiene and will be a personal belonging. It will avoid skin rashes, discomfort, and the sticking of dust to your body.


Now when we have discussed the benefits of yoga mats, let us tell you how to choose them:


One of the best and fine yoga mats is ACTIV8 BODY ALIGNED YOGA MAT, which provides all the benefits along with being durable, eco-friendly and reversible for practice on both sides. It is non-flammable and the 6mm thickness ensures to avoid any injury.

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No matter how long you practise and how often you practice yoga, you must have your own for its enormous benefits and to avoid complications further. Even for exercises like- burpees, planks and crunches a yoga or exercise mat should be used to provide cushion and cut conduction. ACTIV8 BODY ALIGNED YOGA MAT is a good option to go with. Just try it and let us know your experience and query in the comment section. Visit Sportle website for more products that will add value to your fitness. That was all here, we will be back with another interesting topic that will help reach your fitness goals. Till then keep working and keep training.