Written by Rock Technolabs


Posted on October 11 2021

Hello readers. Fashion and styling are important but up to what cost. We are sure you must not be willing to compromise on your performance or endurance. So let us put today this topic under a microscope and understand the minute details of how the features of sportswear will boost your productivity? Sportle performance sportswear is going to make your fitness goal easy. Be it fat loss, weight loss, or bodybuilding, Sportle will withstand your goals.


Styling is common using the trending fashion. But you cannot carry on to the ground. Sportswear is designed to improve athletes’ performance. Fashion can make you look good sometimes, it’s the sportswear that will pay results for your hard work. Styling is possible with Sportle, we offer a wide range of collections to choose from thus ensuring your cool look that makes it easy to switch between sports and work and vice versa.


If you do not wear sportswear for your workout sessions you must be finding yourself smelly at the end. Sportswear helps you overcome this problem, they are anti-odor in nature and maintain your hygiene, no matter how long you practice or how hard you train. They are efficient in absorbing sweat and also dries up quickly. LI10 DRY POLO NECK T-SHIRT from Sportle is a great choice to wear during your sports session or workout, along with keeping you cool, it looks very cool.


The fashion industry fails to provide this feature. On the other hand, good quality sportswear provides UV resistance, so that you can practice even under the sun, be it court or ground you do not need to carry that heavy cream on your skin.

Your fashionable clothes get lentils very easily in just a few washes. Sportswear is very durable and lasts a long time. Trust Sportle, all Sportle performance sportswear is durable and worth your performance. LI10 AERO TRAINING TANK TOP protects from UV rays.


Injury is common during practice but it is pathetic for sportspersons. Sportswear is going to provide you protection from abrasion, will maintain body temperature which will avoid cramps. Fashionable clothes do not offer such advantages and if you are wearing them you are increasing the chances of injury.


There is a reason for the high demand for sportswear and that is its functionality. Sportswear will provide you with air drag and water drag resistance for your cycling and swimming activities, respectively. You might think this is for the sportsperson who is going to compete at the national level or else. That’s not correct, you must award yourself with such belongings that will enhance your performance.


Fashionable clothes are not flexible, either they are fit or loose. Different sportswear is designed using different technology, keeping a particular sport in mind. Thus, they will be a close fit for sports like gymnastics and wrestling, a loose fit for sports like badminton and tennis, and an intermediate fit for athletics. The one thing that stands common in all is providing comfort and flexibility, that will allow the movement of the body with safety. If you face problems while doing High-Intensity Workouts (HIIT), you must go for Sportle LI10 AERO TRAINING SPORTS BRA that provides extra support and comfort.


If you are carrying your casual leggings or jeggings for a yoga session you’re sooner or later going to harm yourself. Sports leggings avoid the conduction of heat that maintains blood flow and does not allow lactic acid to accumulate. Not only this avoids injury but you can stretch more than yesterday. Try Sportle performance sportswear leggings designed to suit your training requirements.


You might find a wide range of shorts from casual wear, but they are not quick in movement. Along with absorbing sweat, they get heavy, rub the skin and cause rashes. Sportswear shorts are light, absorb sweat, dry up quickly, and do not cause hindrance while running, and do not rub with skin. LI10 AERO TRAINING SHORTS WITH INBUILT TIGHTS of Sportle helps you in quick movement while running.

That was all here, we will be back with more interesting topics. Till then keep working, keep training.