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Posted on October 11 2021

Tennis is one of the most lovable sports of all age groups. Apart from having an enjoyable time playing this game, tennis has other health benefits. Hello readers, if you are looking for the best tennis accessories that must be present in your tennis bag you are in the right place. The tennis accessories you require greatly depend on the level of tennis you play. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced, there are few tennis accessories you must have to boost your performance. Let us check the list.

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Tennis racquets are the most necessary accessory that must find a place in your tennis bag. Light head or heavy head racquets, you can choose any for your great performance. But it is always wise to carry extra tennis racquets in your tennis bag especially if your session lasts for 2-3 hours. If you often tend to break the strings of the racquet while playing, it is a wise option to carry tennis strings. Tennis strings are of three types: natural gut, polyester (monofilament), and nylon (multifilament). You can choose the strings based on your activity level.


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Tennis balls are not just necessary to play the sport but also an important accessory to carry with you to the court. You must have 2-3 packets of tennis balls with you. In a broad category, there are three types of tennis balls, professional, championship and practice ball. These classes have their own sub-classes such as heavy-duty, regular duty, pressurized, and many more. You can go for any but tennis balls must be present in your tennis bag.


Tennis requires a lot of quick movement and in case you wear your casual shoes you are prone to injury, which might be severe in some cases. Every sport has its own requirement and thus tennis shoes are important. Different types of shoes are available depending on the type of court. You must carry tennis shoes in your tennis bag, some tennis bags have special shoe compartments for this purpose. Wear Sportle high-performance shoes for your sport and ensure a good performance along with safety. High in grip and comfortable to wear, sportle is a great choice for players.

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We are consecutively bringing to you how sportswear can increase your performance, and this also falls in that category. Tennis apparel is light to wear, absorbs sweat, and dries quickly. These features of sportswear make it a necessary accessory to find its place in the tennis bag. Tennis apparel is breathable, comfortable, and avoids injury. Try TENNIS LI10 DRY POLO NECK T-SHIRT and experience comfort with high-performance.


While playing, sweating is common and thus your racket can slip due to your sweaty hands. To avoid this problem overgrip must be present in your tennis bag that will provide additional grip. It absorbs sweat and does not allow the racket to slip and get damaged. Overgrips are made up of cotton and specialized to absorb sweat.

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With the advancement in technology, towels have been innovated to suit athletes’ requirements. Sports towels are efficient in absorbing excess sweat. They do not cause rashes or irritate the skin even when they are wet. Cooling towel is another gift to players, they stay cool when they are wet and absorb when they are dry. Try Sportle PERFORM SPORTS TOWEL which is super absorbent, lightweight, anti-odor, and anti-absorbent and will definitely maintain your hygiene level and must be present in your tennis bags.

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Water has always been important for the vital functioning of the body. Thus carrying a water bottle in your tennis bag is important as well as a clever choice. Whether under the sun or not, in heavy sessions you are going to sweat and lose body water. If you do not drink water you will dehydrate and might faint. In this critical situation of COVID-19, it is always better to carry a bottle in your tennis bag.


Tennis shoes are important and thus tennis socks to increase your comfort level and avoid injury and slipping of leg in shoes, something very common in frequent movement. But you can avoid it like a pro. Tennis socks are thickly padded which exclusively absorbs sweat. Well-cushioned to provide comfort and breathable too. You must go for Sportle socks which along with the above qualities are anti-odor and anti-bacterial.

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Protein is the building block of our body. We require an equal amount of protein in grams of our weight. When the person is active this requirement increases. Thus you should check on your protein source otherwise it will lead to muscle loss. It is suggested to take protein within half an hour of your workout ends, for this carry a protein bar or powder in your tennis bag to gain the maximum out of it.

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Tennis hats and sunglasses are one of the best tennis accessories that must be present in your tennis bag. They help your face and eyes protect from direct rays of the sun. Due to the high intensity of the sun rays, you might not notice the ball, to avoid this you must go for a tennis hat which will also absorb sweat from your head, and tennis sunglasses which will protect your eyes from UV rays.


A tennis racquet and a tennis ball must be present in our tennis bag, we cannot play without them. Tennis clothes like shorts and a polo t-shirt are next on the list. But this is not all, to be comfortable and to experience advanced tennis-playing you must have other important accessories with you. To be the best at the court, carry these accessories with you and become the master of your game with simple tricks. To experience the world-class sport buy your sportswear and accessories from the renowned sports brand Sportle. Along with comfort and security, Sportle performance sportswear is worth trying. Visit the website and get the offer today. That was all here, we will be back with more interesting topics. Till then keep working, keep training.